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Your business is about to get
waaay smarter.

Orto Labs powers your automotive business with license plate recognition, vehicle history, customizable workflows, internet connected devices and a powerful multi platform dashboard. Enterprise efficiency, without the enterprise price tag is now just a click away.

A Platform Your Entire Business Will Love

Beautifully crafted, constantly improving, Orto Labs takes all the great tools you need to run a vehicle centered business and puts them in one place. Wherever you are, on whatever device you choose.

With the Right Software, Great Things Can Happen

Orto Labs is a modern, web based software solution for managing your vehicle business. If you're a local law enforcement agency, HOA, car dealership, repo or recovery business, or anything in between Orto will add the value of automation and cloud software to your organization, without breaking the bank.


Rekor Scout Integration

Capture license plates from your Rekor ALPR cameras and feed it directly into your Orto Labs control center in realtime. Run vehicle history reports and bring vehicles into your workflow.


Linxup GPS and telematics

Use your Linxup telematics devices to track the live location, route history, speed and driving characteristics of your fleet from within your Orto Labs dashboard.


myQ Enabled
Entry Systems

Create custom triggers from License Plate Recognition and GPS geofencing events. When a white listed plate passes a camera, automatically open or close a myQ enabled entrance. 


A Vehicle Management Platform Designed For

Law Enforcement

Coupled with Rekor Scout, get alerts when vehicles pass through camera locations or lookup plates in the field from mobile, tablet or desktop.

Fleet Management

Using OBDII GPS devices, you can quickly setup geofencing of vehicles and get alerts to erratic driving or extended idling.


Manage vehicular access to entry points and get a clear picture of activity.


Lookup license plates to find VINs, record job records and assign outstanding vehicles to relevant agents in the field.


Push vehicles through your workflow by tagging and assigning to technicians, agents and customers


Track vehicle locations with quick install GPS devices and assign resources by geographic areas.

Parking Enforcement

Track paid and unpaid customers and record repeat offenders. Run vehicle history checks and record notes.

Car Washes

Manage your customer details and automatically allow and block access to sites by license plate.

Your Entire Inventory in Your Hand

A web based SaaS application that adapts to your workflow, and is accessible from any device in any location.

  • Assign vehicles to coworkers and customers

  • Tag vehicles into categories

  • Manage tasks with a drag and drop job board

  • Create custom inspection templates


Don't Miss a Thing

Customizable inspection reports allow you to define specific checks for different vehicle types or categories. Trucks may need the bed inspecting, EVs need the battery condition assessed. Capture each data point, and the app will generate an overall score from 0-100 and allow coworkers to record relevant notes and images about the overall condition of the vehicle.

If work needs to be done, a job can be created, assigned to the relevant user to be notified and push the task through your workflow until completion.


Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity With Our Workflow Solutions

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