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Vehicle List

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

The Vehicle List screen is where all your saved vehicles can be found.

Everything is in chronological order, with the most recently added vehicles at the top. You can filter the results by:

  • Tags

  • Customers

  • Agent/Employee

Or you can use the free text search, to search by:

  • License Plate / State

  • Year, Make or Model

  • VIN

You can also DELETE vehicles from this screen, but please note this cannot be undone.

Click the DETAILS button to take you to the vehicles full record. See our article on Vehicle Details for more information.

Adding a vehicle

To add a vehicle to your inventory, click the "ADD VEHICLE" button in the top right. This brings up a modal window that allows you to search by license plate/state or VIN.

If the license plate cannot be decoded to a VIN, it will ask you if you want to add the vehicle anyway without any data and the designated year, make, model will be UNKNOWN.

The License Plate search works best for newer vehicles, post 1995 is ideal but it will also return data for some vehicles back to 1981.

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