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[Settings] Devices/myQ Entry Systems

You can setup and view the status of your myQ doors and gates from the Devices screen.

To add your myQ account, hit the ADD MYQ ACCOUNT button top right to open up the configuration screen. This will ask for your myQ login, usually your email address with the password you setup on the myQ app.

Once you've successfully logged in, all your myQ devices will be pulled into the Orto Labs dashboard.

You can see if the device is currently online and connected to the internet, if the door/gate is open or closed and also manually trigger it to open. The status of the device updates every 15 seconds, or you can manually hit the refresh icon to force a status update.

Once the device is added you can then associate it with Tag actions to either open or close when a tagged vehicle passes a Rekor enabled license plate camera.

See the associated articles below regarding configuring Tags and Rekor Cameras.

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