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[Settings] Manage Tags

Tags help you push vehicles through your workflow. You can create a custom tag, and assign an action to a tag, such as opening a myQ garage door or access gate. You can then assign multiple tags to different vehicles to create a taxonomy and categorize your saved vehicles.

To create a new tag, hit the ADD TAG button top right to open the editor window.

Give the tag a name, select a color from the picker or enter your HEX color.

Define the alert settings, you can either send an email when a vehicle passes through a license plate camera, or if you have the Orto App you can receive a push notification, or both.


If you have a custom webhook or myQ device configured you can set it to trigger when a vehicle with this tag passes through a Rekor enabled camera.

Hit save, and you'll be able to start applying the tag to your saved vehicles from the vehicle detail screen.

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